Careers @ Mission Sigma


We as an organization bring two communities together: the learning community & the teaching community.

With all of the accreditation, license & copyright constraints out in the market, branding your own certification material, establishing a brand, delivery vehicle, marketing campaign as well as an online or physical store front is a off-putting task.

Instead, Mission Sigma has done all these things for you but at a cost and that cost is Quality. We can compromise on price but not on quality. Our business model is based primarily on quality & you have to beat odds and hefty competition to be our instructors.

Instructor Minimum Requirements

Mission Sigma allows Master Black Belt instructor to provide Black, Green & Yellow Belt Training.

If the instructor is Black Belt, he can provide the training for Green & Yellow Belt only.

We are extremely selective in recruiting our Lean Six Sigma trainers. We require minimum 4 years of experience in Six Sigma field or equivalent with minimum 2 projects done.

One has to go through our assessment post which we may interview you.

Expectations from Instructor

Apart from the standard that we maintain & the minimum number of hours that you have to devote per student as per the course, Instructor is expected to give its personal touch & creativity to the content that we deliver to our candidates. This is what makes you different from others and is the major part of your KPI/KRA.

Still Interested??

Send us your profile & letter of interest to us at or call us directly at +91 9899099889

We can then start the recruitment process by sending you with the pre-assessment form!